May 24, 2016

Business marketing with the use of E-commerce

by Casie Mason on

Is your business jumping into hurdles wherein every time you get over from one hurdle to another you find yourself jumping from it over again and again? That can really sound very exhausting especially when you are aiming for a long-term goal in your business. You begin to try everything just for you to reach your target and that is not really good because you are wasting most of the time brainstorming what to do next.

Being successful is the best thing that can ever happen in your life and that counts a lot as to how you are running your business wherein people are hooked up. There are so many ways for you to strategically gain a good return from your investment with a minimal risk and that is through taking a series of classes for you to learn basic skills up to a point wherein you are ready to build your foundation with the help of a solid e-commerce training course.


This strategy is simply giving you the idea of selling your products without any being affiliated with small or big business companies. Yes! You can sell your physical products without having someone profiting with what you are selling. This is about you and your business and how you will be able to profit through the use of eCommerce business marketing before you can actually sell what you want to brand for your business.

What makes it more interesting is that it can glide you through a rocketing traffic of your business wherein people will truly buy from your store through investing low cost Ads. The use of social media for instance is the cheapest that you can get in advertising your brand of business with the use of your natural market up to a potential client. As Facebook is one of the leading “store” that you can get clients through the clicks and feeds that will appear to those who have liked your Facebook page.

The experience of this kind of business model is truly in another level in which you would realize that it is a game changing in your field of business. It is effective compared to selling your products in a known online shop in which you are placed in an inventory that makes it a lesser chance for people to notice your brand and it makes you pay more than what you owe because you are affiliated with an up front. This means that there is a lesser chance to experience business hurdles as you go along.

The secret behind every successful businessman is to see what is good for him or her. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is one factor that you use in building your business. General leads are one basic key element that you can follow especially if that person has a testimony of how far he or she has reached his business goals. You must remember that these people were also in the same shoes as you are and are doing their best to continue learning and realizing what is good and not for the business.

The Best eCom products and where to buy them

by Casie Mason on

The internet is filled with so much ideas and even the source of inspiration when it comes to online selling. You would see many people became successful through online marketing. Their testimony is one of the factors that you should learn from them because they understand what you have been through and the fact that they were once in the same position as you are now. Having to sell products on the internet is more likely displaying it in your store location in which people are coming to and fro purchasing the products that you are selling same goes through the internet. Although the difference is that you can not hold them or try these products not unless it has arrived safely in your doorstep. As a new entrepreneur you must learn where to sell your products and what to sell. These are the most important element in asking yourself if you really want to push through with business.

What business should you consider investing? It is essential that you know your forte example you want to sell products that are handmade or anything that best interest you is your priority because this is where you are most knowledgeable of. Second is where to sell your products? Most new entrepreneurs started off as selling through the internet by using social media such as the Facebook and or creating a website. Best eCom products are shopped mostly in an online shop of a particular brand. There are ways for you to be able to display your products and at the same time earn profit from it. Two things that you need to know and you should always keep in mind that there is a competition because of the similar products. Try focus on the in depth of the products, a new approach in which others have not discovered. See to it in another level what your product can offer more. This means that you are considering new style of marketing your product, its other potential usage. Another is to not let those small niches or categories get into you.

Here are some tips as you start with your business marketing online.

  • Start with things that you already have such as the idea that you have been thinking about over the past years or you have an existing lay out of plans.
  • Although your ideas would be good but considering new platforms of ideas would mean that you are accepting change.
  • Being part of the trendy society is one way of catching consumers to your products.
  • An online marketplace is the best way for you to have consumers with your products as one of the trendiest items.

There are more ways for you to be able to have a good jump start of your business. You are an online marketer and it is your aim to reach your target through an easy use of a store builder in which you can fully customize and design you store and example of this is Shopify. Be resourceful and never stop until you reach your goals.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

by Casie Mason on

Business communication imperative for the success of any business. Business communication has been there for decades with slight changes of the method of communication. Marketing is one of the business function that has been reinvented making it modern, efficient and effective. Over the years, the marketing concept has been evolving and with the advent of web 2.0, the greatest changes have been recorded. Email marketing which is classified under promotion has come into existence to facilitate direct marketing, today a business can send thousands of customised messages to the clients. Email marketing is one of the cheapest and effective strategy. To put up an effective strategy, below are 5 email marketing tips.


With that in mind, check out our Top 5 Email Marketing Tips.

1. Creating personalized messages.

With the advancement in technology, it is a matter of using the right tools and techniques to send custom messages to the customers. Custom messages tend to be more effective as the customer feel that he/she is being addressed directly by the business. A custom message also gives the customer a feeling that he/she is recognized by the business as one of the customers and hence important. This is one of the steps of creating loyal customers which is advantageous to the business. Keeping the message custom help the business address different concerns to different customers, this is the point with direct marketing, where customers are dealt with at a personal level. Custom messages will lead to an effective marketing campaign.

2. Keep a clean and updated email list.

The email list kept by the business should be clean and updated. For the message to be effective, it has to land where it is intended. The email list should have active emails, not inactive email, this will ensure that the sent emails have a high probability of being read by the customer. An email list that is rarely updated can give a false impression of the communication, the business will think it has sent the message to the right audience while only a small percentage reaches the customers. The sent email should have a button to deactivate the subscription so that the customer can reactivate with another active email, this will increase the number of emails reaching the customers and the probability of the message being read and eventually the customer taking an action.

3. making the template mobile friendly.

Today most of the people do almost everything in their smartphones, this including checking emails among other things. Ensuring that the sent message will be easily read on a smartphone is a step closer to effective email marketing. The number of smartphones and tablets continue to grow every day and to ensure effective targeting is achieved, use mobile friendly layout.

4. Include important links including share buttons.

The message will be more effective if links are provided, this could be direct links to products or some sharing. Today sharing content or message is a concept that is receiving more popularity each day. Sharing will help the business reach more potential customers that could be missing in the email list.

5. Keep the message short and easy to scan.

Customers dedicate a few second to read the message and they spend more time on the mail if they find something interesting or something they have an interest in. Keeping the message simple will help the customer find important points and spend more time on the mail hence lead to an effective email marketing campaign.